Battery collection and return policy

Collection and Return the Used Batteries:

Present procedure used for collection of used Batteries:
With increasing adoption of solar home System, there is a need to establish environmentally responsible recycling of lead acid batteries at the end of their life. In the present scenario the huge amount of lead acid battries used in PV system are thrown away in the remote area. Which directly harms to environment and health of the people of which rural people are unaware about it so we are providing the awareness about its impact. We also collect the used batteries and send them to the different solar companies which are working in this field. As we have a Strong contact to the end users so we collect the wastes batteries from the help of the channel and Provide to others organization working in this.

Future Plan for collection of used batteries:
If the use of lead acid battries are increased in same ratio and are not controlled it is sure that it lead to negative impact on ecosystem so collecting the used batteries and providing them to the concerned organization is our future plan. In case of support form the government of Nepal, We are also planning to establish a permanent battery collection center with acid disposal system, refining battery lead & send them to recycled factory.