Quality Assurance System of Company

Quality Assurance System of our company checks the quality of different product items, handling package, storage, delivery and quality Management Department records and database management.

Product Quality Assurance in importation and assembly :

KEP's main product line is Solar Home System (SHS), Small Solar Home System(SSHS) and Institutional Solar PV System (ISS) which are of highest quality available in Nepal and are highly guaranteed for many years. We are fully dedicated towards quality control as we have separate unit for this and imported goods are always checked. In case of manufacturing default we always coordinate with product manufacturer and for minor problem we have highly qualifiefd technicians, who assures the goods are ready for sell. we also provides free service in the most demanding circumstances and environments. KEP uses the products which are internationally Certified and passed by Renewable Energy Test Station.

 Field verification and monitoring system:

The company has a strong policy for field verification of monitoring systems. We also have a separate mechanism for field verification and monitoring by the management including skilled technical staffs. The company has policy to visit for after sales services to customers at least twice a year for verification and monitoring of the installed solar systems and head office visits once in the gap of two years. If case of problem in the field our monitoring unit solves the problem immediately in the field coordinating with branch, agent, dealer and head office. The company is always ready to welcome for field verifications and monitoring by any of the related institutions like; AEPC\NRREP, RETS etc.