Kinetic Energy Pvt. Ltd.

In this scientific age though there are many alternative way for electricity still Nepali have been force to live under darkness. Nepal, a country rich in natural resource where only few of the Nepalese has been consuming electricity. Though there are many possibility for renewable energy the energy mix pattern of Nepal shows that 87.1% of total energy come from fuel wood (77.7%), agricultural residue (3.7%) and animal dung (5.7%) but these sources did not provide the type of energy required for working, reading and other basic service essential for improved quality of life. Analyzing situation of Nepalese people who are backwards in the field of development sector due to lack of renewable energy Kinetic Energy Pvt. Ltd(KEP) has been established with the objectives to fulfill the demand of SHS, SSHS and ISS with better technology, developing and promoting renewable/alternative energy technologies in Nepal since 2007. Since its establishment KEP has been able to distribute around Seven Thousand Solar systems in remote area where the national grid of Nepal Electricity Authority has not been reached yet.

The top management of company has been handeled by skilled and experienced people who had been working in this sector for long time where company has been managing all technical equipments and technician. Putting in view the insufficient supply of SHS and growing demand of solar energy, kinetic energy has been working to achieve target of government subsidy program in renewable energy to fulfill the demand of rural people.Kinetic Energy Pvt. Ltd. is a registered company duly registered at the office of company Registrar, Kathmandu Nepal. The company has 3 branches, 10 Dealers and 9 ASS center in different parts of the country and its head office in Kathmandu-7, at Hayat Gate Chabhil.


The Main objectives of KEP are as follows:

  • To provide quality products of solar system to the people living in remote area
  • Giving after sales service guarantee for user
  • To achieve success in the field of renewable energy by providing qualitative and sustainable technology
  • To raise the living standard of the rural people


Serving the nation through disseminating the alternative energy products; and take part in national development involving in the projects initiated by AEPC/NRREP and Government of Nepal.


To participate sincerely on protecting environment, upgrading the life standard of people, to provide nationwide PV systems, installation and after sales services, etc. Overcoming challenges and barriers KEP will be continuing its service for sustainability of rural people who have no access to electricity.

Location and Facilities

The company has its head office with 12 rooms for corporate and assembled in Kathmandu at Hayat gate Chabahil. The production and repair department of the company is located in head office. We have own workshop so that we are able to assemble charge controller and solar light. Moreover, we have Computers, Printers, and Telephone lines with Fax, scan, and photocopy machine along with internet facility for office operation. All computers are connected to local area network with window server for information, work and resource sharing. We also have Separate Battery charging station with required protection against acid, Safe storage of flammable or explosive items, Safety gears for workers - like goggles, rubber gloves, apron, fire suppressant, first aid kit.

Organization Chart

Function of Employees

Managing Director: A managing director (MD) is a top executive of this Company.He is responsible for new business development and daily business of the company and overall management of the company similarly MD prepare company's policy, strategy and long – term marketing and sales plan, supervision and control of administrative department. The managing directors also exercise the diligence of a prudent businessman in the conduct of the company's affairs.

Director: The director in this company is to fulfilling the duty to promote success and understand the interests of the company's employees, need to, foster the company's business relationships with suppliers, customers. And find out the impact of the company's operations on the community and environment. Director also declares the interest in any transaction in which the firm is involved, and follow the instructions of the board of directors in this regard, for the promotion of the company.

Manager: The manager bridge the gap among the employees. Managers also follow the policies and objectives of their superior. As a result, managers also deal with several levels of management, subordinate employees. Manager also makes decisions that affect the operations and handle all administrative task.

Engineer: Design solar system, estimating cost, survey and study of feasibility of SHS, SSHS, ISPS. Also lead the technical department and others technical works.

Admin/Finance Manager: Manage all administrative and financial task of the company. Prepare administrative, financial, human resource development strategy, plan, operation guidelines, leads the administrative and finance department, find out and suggest the source of funding, and provide the financial information to the directors.

Sales & Marketing Manager: Follow the guidelines of company policy report the record of sales & marketing and supervise overall sales and marketing department. Manage all the day to day sales and marketing activities to supervise sales and marketing staffs. Plan, organize, lead and control the work of those people s/he manages. And is responsible to ensure that the people assigned to them are doing their tasks correctly.

Technical Supervisor: Supervise the overall technical support on field and awareness on technical part for costumer.

Micro credit Supervisor: Does the work of sales and marketing for Banking program as per located districts and supervise the overall marketing and handle sales, after sale services. MC unit also facilitates to SHS consumer as per demand.

Branch In-charge: Branch manager take charge of the entire operation of his branch, making sure that everything has run smoothly and supervise overall, manages the branch office, handles sales, after sales services, agents, technicians.

Technical Level 1: Install Solar Home System, provides technical's information and services to end user.

Technician Level 2: Install institutional solar systems, repair and maintain the solar electric parts and provides after sales service in technical field.

Store Keeper: Exercise general control over all activities in Stores Department and ensure safe keeping both as to quality and quantity of materials. Store keeper also maintains proper stock records of goods.

Office Assistant: Support office assistance job and cooperate all the Staff.

Agent: Sales and marketing about products ans provides technical information and services to end user according to agreement with head office.

ASS Center: After sales service Center represents the activities conducted by Company, provide services to the customer in respect of products and services after the conclusion of the sales deal, and provide the facility of full repairing the parts of solar and give free service for user.